05 Feb 2010

Sodded Lawn

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All turf is a form of bermuda, therefore, your lawn will go dormant (turf brown) in the cooler months unless it has been overseeded with winter rye grass.

New turf will require water two to three times per day for three to five minutes each interval for the first three weeks. During this time, do not walk on the turf area. After three weeks, reduce the watering to once per day for 10-12 minutes at sunrise.

New turf will be uneven. Turf areas will level out over time with weekly mowing. If you desire a quicker leveling, you may fix seams and low spots with a mixture of 50% sand and 50% fine garden mulch.

Mowing should start after the 1st two weeks. Make sure your sod is dry on the day you mow. Mow at a higher setting for the first 90 days.

In summer, fertilize with ammonium sulfate (21-0-0) every 30 days, and gypsum every 45 days. In winter (for winter rye) fertilize with ammonia nitrate (34-0-0) every 30 days and gypsum every 45 days. No fertilizer is required in the winter if you choose not to overseed your lawn.

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